D-Skills Workshop: Digital Skills in higher education

Information on the event


At the end of May(30 & 31), the D-Skills Jean Monnet Module organized a workshop on the digitalization of the field of EU Studies. The workshop aims to foster discussion on best practices from the field and stimulate the debate on teaching methods in EU Integration Studies with the support of digital skills.

The first day of the D-Skills workshop reunited presentations on the experiences of teaching the 🇪🇺European Union in universities from Europe (Romania, Germany and the UK) and outside the European area(South Africa). The contributions em emphasized the pedagogies and approaches employed to stimulate the digital skills-based teaching process.

On the second day of the D-Skills workshop, the discussions on the digitalization of higher education continued with presentations from the field of European Studies and History, where colleagues shared their teaching approaches to develop critical learning skills for students. The workshop also reunited practitioners who mapped the state of play of digitalization during the Covid-19 pandemic by highlighting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs case.

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