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Teaching and learning and the use of digital tools have become one of the key priorities on the EU agenda in the last years, but there is limited evidence in terms of the policies, strategies, and measures adopted by the European universities to respond to these new developments and further consolidate the teaching component, by focusing on the role digital technologies can improve the teaching process. In this context, this project aims to make a contribution by investigating the field of EU Integration Studies. With this objective in mind, the project proposal has designed teaching, research, debate, and publication activities.

Invited Speaker

Academic visit to Buffalo

April 4-9, 2022


Between 4-and 9 April, the D-SKills Jean Monnet Module leader, dr. Cugleșan has conducted a visit to Buffalo State University, NY, US. On this occasion, dr. Cugleșan has participated in several activities. Teaching activities for Buffalo State students on the new member states in the EU and highlighting the case of Romania and its contribution to EU policies.

Briefing and Q&A

Friday, February 19 (Virtual), 10 a.m. EST

Briefing and Q & A for SUNY Buffalo State Students Participating in the SUNY MEU 2022

On Friday 18 February 2022, from 10. a.m East(5 p.m. EET) dr. Cugleșan was invited to an online session with Buffalo State students to discuss Romania as a country profile. The event’s format involved a Q and A session on four main topics: Romania’s response to EU Initiatives and Policies, Public Opinion, Domestic evolutions and External Relations.

FMA Events:7-8 December 2021

Invited speaker: Natalia Cugleșan

Panel: Teaching EU Topics

On Tuesday 7th December 2021, from 16.00 to 17.40, the FMA will celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the EP to Campus programme, which has been very successful over the last few years thanks to the lectures organised by the universities and the participation pro bono of Former MEPs, Members of our Association.

D-SKILLS Workshops

D-Skills Workshop:30 & 31 May 2022

Hybrid event

Info on the workshop

At the end of May(30 & 31), the D-Skills Jean Monnet Module has organised a workshop on the digitalisation of the field of EU Studies. The workshop aimed to foster discussion on best practices from the field and stimulate the debate on teaching methods in EU Integration Studies with the support of digital skills.


Global Model European Union

2021 and 2022 editions

Info on the programme

The Global Model European Union (GLOBALMEU) is a simulation of the European Union organized in partnership with universities worldwide. The simulation meets in Brussels in even years and New York in odd years.

Student Conference

Politică și Politici /Politics and Policies

2021 edition

The student conference Politică și Politici is an academic event open to students in the field of International Relations and European Studies. The conference supports the research activities of the students and aims to generate extended discussions on the theoretical and methodological approaches of their research.

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