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About the D-Skills Jean Monnet Module


Teaching and learning and the use of digital tools have become one of the key priorities on the EU agenda in the last years, but there is limited evidence in terms of the policies, strategies, and measures adopted by the European universities to respond to these new developments and further consolidate the teaching component, by focusing on the role digital technologies can improve the teaching process. In this context, this project aims to make a contribution by investigating the field of EU Integration Studies. With this objective in mind, the project proposal has designed teaching, research, debate, and publication activities.

Teaching and Learning

European Union Policies is a mandatory course offered to 2nd-year students in International Relations and European Studies

European Union Policies serves as a model of teaching the EU with the support of digital technologies for stimulating the consolidation of the digital skills of the students enrolled in this course.

Research and Publication

The teaching workload is accompanied by research activities that aim to map the state of play of teaching with digital tools in the new member states (Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland) and non-EU states (Northern Macedonia)

The results of the research and debate activities will be published in a special issue of an international peer-review academic journal.

D-Skils Workshops

Workshops dedicated to training young scholars and secondary school teachers in using digital tools for boosting the critical thinking competencies and digital skills of students.

  • Digital skills for junior scholars and secondary school teachers: teaching with digital tools
  • Digital skills for junior scholars and secondary school teachers: teaching with digital tools

Key information
  • Jean Monnet Action-Jean Monnet Module-621280-EPP-1-2020-1-RO-EPPJMO-MODULE
  • to stimulate research, debate and publication activities on the issue of teaching and learning with digital technologies in the field of EU integration Studies
  • Implementation period: 2020-2023

to consolidate the use of digital education and technology within the EU Studies curricula

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With the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

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