D-Skills Workshops

The Events page includes information on the support activities organized within the D-skills Jean Monnet Module project such as the D-skills workshops

Digital skills in higher education. The state of play in the field of European Integration Studies
Digital Skills in higher education

This event takes place once a year during the life cycle of the JM project. It aims to foster a forum of discussion, where academics from new, old and EU candidate states have the opportunity to exchange ideas and share best practices on teaching approaches and methods in EU Studies.

Digital skills for junior scholars and secondary school teachers: teaching with digital tools
Digital skills for junior scholars

Teaching effectively with digital tools/digital technology in higher education or in the secondary school system requires the teaching staff to benefit from continuous training and professionalization opportunities in order to adopt innovative pedagogic approaches.

Best practices
  • sharing best practices with other colleagues to produce change and improve the quality of teaching programs.

The dissemination of the results of these workshops will be published on the website of the project as open educational resources

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Creating a forum of discussion for senior, early to mid-career and junior academics of EU Studies and Political Science

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