D-Skills Workshop: Digital Skills in higher education

Information on the event Programme At the end of May(30 & 31), the D-Skills Jean Monnet Module organized a workshop on the digitalization of the field of EU Studies. The workshop aims to foster discussion on best practices from the field and stimulate the debate on teaching methods in EU Integration Studies with the support ofContinue reading “D-Skills Workshop: Digital Skills in higher education”

Academic visit to Buffalo State

April 3-10, 2022 Photo Source: SUNYMEU • Est 1988 • State University of New York Model European Union Academic Visit at Buffalo State 3-10 April 2022 Between 4-and 9 April, the D-SKills Jean Monnet Module leader, dr. Cugleșan has conducted a visit to Buffalo State University, NY, US. On this occasion, dr. Cugleșan has participatedContinue reading “Academic visit to Buffalo State”

Student conference

Politică și Politici 6 Noiembrie 2021, ediția a VI-a Conferința studentească Ediția a VI-a, 6 Noiembrie-Ediție online Conferința “Politică și politici. Istorie, implementare și strategii pentru viitor” este organizată de către Facultatea de Istorie și Filosofie, Departamentul de Studii Internațioanale și Istorie Contemporană. Ediția a VI-a a conferinței a avut loc în data de 6Continue reading “Student conference”

Briefing and Q & A for SUNY Buffalo State Students Participating in the SUNY MEU 2022

Information on the event The Q & A Session had the role to introduce Romania and its post-accession evolution in the EU to new audiences that do not always come in contact with the case of the new member states in the EU, A second objective of the Q and A session was to prepareContinue reading “Briefing and Q & A for SUNY Buffalo State Students Participating in the SUNY MEU 2022”

Global Model European Union

January 13-15, 2022: Virtual edition The Global Model EU Conference was the most exciting and valuable academic experience as a young student. My favourite aspect of the simulation was the complexity of the EU decision-making, which made me think about a future career in the field. It is a fantastic experience, valuable for each student whoContinue reading “Global Model European Union”

Celebration of the 15th anniversary of the EP to Campus Programme

Information on the event Programme On December 8th, the European Parliament Former Members Association celebrated the 15th anniversary of the EP to Campus Programme. The EP to Campus Programme offers the chance to students to engage with former members of the European Parliament and learn from their experience and insights on EU policy-making. On thisContinue reading “Celebration of the 15th anniversary of the EP to Campus Programme”