Celebration of the 15th anniversary of the EP to Campus Programme

Information on the event


On December 8th, the European Parliament Former Members Association celebrated the 15th anniversary of the EP to Campus Programme. The EP to Campus Programme offers the chance to students to engage with former members of the European Parliament and learn from their experience and insights on EU policy-making.

On this occasion, I had the pleasure to be invited as a speaker in the roundtable Challenges in Teaching EU Topics. My intervention emphasized the typologies of challenges associated with the teaching process and highlighted the issue of the EU knowledge deficit and the digital skills teaching gap. A second important category of challenges emphasized the role played by the EU’s crises and their impact on the teaching process, from the crises of democracy and illiberalism to the ones generated by Brexit or Covid-19.

The event was attended by the EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research and Culture, Mariya Gabriel and Rector of College of Europe, Federica Mogherini, and EU scholars from Gottingen or Talin University.

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